Saturday, July 21, 2012

Haul To Fall

My blogging has been pretty sparse this month. Here's why:

In the beginning of July Scott and I took our "summer vacation." We went to Avalon with a majority of Scott's family for about four days. We paddle boarded, kayaked, swam in the ocean, ate crab cakes, laughed, drank sangria, and had a generally awesome time. 

When we returned, I got started on cleaning out my parents' house so that we could move in. We will be renting my childhood home starting in August =]. It's a very long complicated story as to the whole arrangement, but we are so excited! We fully intend to buy the house in the next coming years, and since my parents own it, we are able to do small (and a bit larger) renovations. Moving has been so taxing-physically and emotionally draining. To add to our 9 day deadline to move out of our condo, we have started our bathroom remodel, which has to be done by the time we move in. Yes, if you know me, you know I don't do anything half-assed. If I decide to do something I go balls to the wall and get it done. So by Saturday we have to be mostly moved in and have the bathroom 85% finished! 

Our New Favorite Place...

After those tasks are complete I will probably go insane setting up the house with all of our stuff (I HATE living in chaos). I'll give myself about a week to feel fully settled in. After that, I know I will want to do our "little projects" like painting the hallway to match the livingroom, painting and adding shelves to the laundry room, painting some trim, and adding some decorations. 

That all being said, it is a Haul to Fall. It is a more than hectic summer, but it's been rewarding and one for the books. 

I will probably not be doing any major blogging for most of the summer, but I am SURE I will be showing pictures of before and afters as they happen! Also, I'm not blogging again until we are moved in! 

Enjoy the last bit of July!!!!

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