Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update: PJs for Kiddos

The day after I wrote about the Pajamas for the kids in Morocco, I went out to buy some pajamas.
I returned some items I had previously bought for the house. (Yes, you heard me HOUSE. Not condo...) That day I also attempted to be cool and drink sparkling Voss water (the only kind available as I was dying of thirst). I also came to the realization that when you detest carbonated drinks, sparkling water is NOT for you.
Anyway, here are the pjs I got:

It was kind of difficult to find cute pajamas for older kids (remember, the sizes have to be between 5t-12), but I eventually settled on firetrucks in size 5t from TJ Maxx and Flowers/plaid in size 8 from Marshalls. Both sets are 3 pieces. The trucks has a long sleeve top and a short sleeve top with long pants, while the flower set has a short sleeve top with either shorts or long pants. I included a red child's toothbrush/toothpaste package with the firetrucks and a green one with the flowers. In total, the purchases set me back only about $25. Hopefully by getting more family and friends to do it, we can split shipping costs, too! Also, you can keep your receipts and count it as charitable donation in your taxes!

While shopping for these items, I sported my new favorite look, the top knot.
Did I mention I got super tan while on VACATION?! Yes, so much to catch up on. Soon, soon!

Hope you guys are seriously considering/working on the pajamas!

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