Monday, July 30, 2012


So remember when I said I wouldn't be posting another blog until after our big moving day?! Yes, I kept my promise. We only have a couple of miscellaneous things (our Brita, some tomato sauce, and a couple of cups) to get from the condo tomorrow after we deep clean the carpet. It's a rewarding feeling, for sure. We definitely still have a lot of "settling" to do at the house, which will cause me major anxiety until most of it is done, but we're mostly moved-in, unpacked, and halfway done with the bathroom!
Ah, that's right, the bathroom. You see, it all started with our shower faucet/pipes. Every time we took a shower the water would come from the shower head and tub faucet at the same time. It wastes water, causes less pressure in the shower, and can lead to a dirtier tub/not as god drainage. Our main issue moving in was the shower. So we decided to replace it. And then, at 5pm on a Friday (With a weekend of work ahead of both Scott and me), I said, "well if we're going to replace it, which will require taking those tiles out, let's just do the whole effing bathroom and not have to worry about it again." That one sentence got us in a whole lot of trouble. We are mostly doing it ourselves, which is fine and fun even. We're enjoying putting in manual work for an awesome outcome.
But we ran into a problem. The shower faucet (you know, the thing that started this whole mess in the first place) can't be easily replaced. It's, oh I don't know, fifty years old, has dated pipes, and doesn't fit any new fixtures. We had a plumber out today to look at the job, quote a price, and do the labor. A THOUSAND BUCKS. Yeah, we shopped around a little and found something a little less expensive, but still. We're in a bit of sticker shock. We're not completely naive. We knew this would be hard, more expensive than we 'plan', and we'd hit unexpected bumps. We can afford it. We saved and accounted for overages, but we were not intending the "simple" part of the job to be the most expensive and complex! I mean, we are ripping out tile, putting up PVC board paneling, putting down a new floor, adding a new sink, and putting up new shower walls! We definitely were not intending running into this particular problem, but we are so grateful that we are at a place to pay for it, and we aren't foolish enough to believe that we control everything enough to not hit snafus. I mean, this is what owning a home is like, right? Thankfully we can ease into it, since we are not owners of the home, yet. Thankfully my father did offer to help pay for it (though we turned him down, since, as I said, we have the money and gave ourselves a big margin). Thankfully, we are savoring all of these moments. In 20 years we will hopefully still be in this house. Hopefully we will be able to say, "honey, remember when we took a hammer to the wall in the bathroom? Remember when we jumped in together and learned as we went?"
I am incredibly blessed, and I don't forget it for a second.

I'm really optimistic that I'll be able to post pictures of the finished product later this week, but for now, here's a shot of the bathroom after the demo. It's about a week old, but it will have to tide you over!

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