Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Decisions seem to be no longer on the horizon but RIGHT NOW. Last night a time-sensitive option was given to Scott and me. It involves moving (not from the area). As much as I love living in our little 2-bedroom condo, I am very aware of all the perks of moving to our possible place. It is so complicated and there are too many options to consider it seems!
In the end, Scott and I are going to have to really sit and pray over it. We will have to make a pro-con list, and establish a set of perimeters that would make this move acceptable.
So much to think about!!

I don't want to explain the full situation yet because of others involved, and because we need to flesh out the option way more, but here are some positives to us moving:

-save money.
-more outdoor space.
-closer to my job.

Here are positives to us staying where we are:

-don't have to paint it all back to white
-won't give up the killer deal we have here (for the future)
-we are in a full routine/fully set up here

It's so hard to even simplify into a list!
Well, we will be praying and discussing, and I will be sure to update you all on our final decision very soon, probably! Wish us luck =]

ps, if you are stressed like I am, you can relax a bit by listening to this oh so beautiful song, Marielle, by Market East!
 pps. this video was made by using strangers' home videos. They searched through a huge video library on the internet and clipped it all together. I love it!

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