Thursday, June 7, 2012


I am adjusting to my new hair. It is definitely way shorter than I wanted to go, but it's just hair!!!! It grows back. Here it is:
 Completely undone up top.

Some light wave in it from keeping it in a bun above.

Anyway, it is what it is!
Today was a pretty lazy day. Recently, my family and I have been playing a bit of a waiting game with some things, and today I just tried to relax and not stress about any of it!

The oversized sweater is making me look a bit manly, but I kept taking it on and off all day! I seriously could not get comfortable temperature wise!

When I picked up my brother to drive him to the train station from his internship I had to put on shorts! We also had a little impromptu coffee date to catch up, which was basically the best. He is definitely someone I respect and love, so any time I get to spend with him, talking and joking, is such a blessing. A brother is a beautiful thing to have!!

Happy Thursday!!!!

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