Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let's Talk Hair

Here's the deal: I've always had good hair. I don't mean to brag. My skin has always been pretty lackluster (mild to moderate acne since I was 11), but God gave me great hair. The color is awesome, it's thick, and it can pretty easily be straight or wavy. I'm used to only having to wash it twice to three times a week without it looking bad, and usually don't really HAVE to style it.

Recently, my hair has started hating me. I wash my hair, and by the next day, the back is stringy and oily. I'm only 85% freaking out about it.

Maybe karma has come around, or maybe this is just a hormonal transition, but if anyone has a remedy to this issue: FIRE AWAY! Yesterday I washed it at 4pm, put in volumizing mousse, blow dried it, and sprayed a hint of dry shampoo, and NOTHING. I tried changing shampoos, nothing. All I can say is, BOOO! This is becoming a problem!

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