Thursday, September 13, 2012

Face Worth a Fortune

Today I spent about a million dollars on makeup.

A million is a bit of an exaggeration.

I've been breaking out even more and worse than usual, so I knew I had to finally be a big girl and buy some real make up. If you have good enough skin to not go that route (or are on the cusp), good for you! But for me, I finally needed to get something good for my skin and would make me look and feel good.

I went with Stila products. I just got the primer (which is amazing) and their foundation/concealer combo. The primer helps create a breathable barrier between your skin and any other makeup. It reduces redness and brightens my complexion. Even after just the primer my face looked so much better. It helps nourish the skin, too! The foundation is also 'oxygenated' which helps keep your skin 'breathing' and not completely suffocated (which leads to more breakouts). The concealer just adds the extra coverage over my real problem pimples. Basically, with these products, I look like my skin is fresh and (mostly) flawless!

Although I'm still reeling from spending so much on just two products, I'm glad I finally made the plunge!


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