Thursday, April 11, 2013


Yesterday I hit 35 weeks, 35 days to go (til my Estimated Due Date/EDD)! Let me say: WOAH!!! Sometimes I still can't believe I'm going to be a mom in just a couple short weeks! I kept saying that it seemed so far away because we were experiencing "winter" and I can only imagine bringing him home in spring weather...Well, Spring peeked it's lovely face out last week, and now it feels so real!

Baby's Size: He should be about 5 pounds and change at this point...although, we really have no clue how big he actually is.
Weight Gain: I did the math wrong last time, lol. At my last appointment I had gained a total of 20lbs. In about three weeks I've gained another 2 pounds. I'm completely ok with it.
Symptoms: Normal stuff-- my hip pain has gotten significantly worse, my acid reflux is now up to about four nights a week (always around 6pm), and I finally figured out that the weird pain and numbness in my hands is carpal tunnel!! I sleep pretty well, despite the hip pain, so I'm just counting my blessings. Honestly, it's not all that bad (yet).
Cravings: With only a couple weeks left, it seems I crave EVERYTHING!
Best Moment: Spending some quality time outside walking and soaking up some sun! Reading in my backyard was especially peaceful and lovely.

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