Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So Behind!

I'm pretty behind on blogging, but I have good reason! My dad has been in town from FL to finish getting some things out of the house so we can use our space in the most efficient way possible. 

Here's a photo-dump of recent happenings:

My outfit to my cousin's bridal shower last weekend. I was 33 and a half weeks that day!

On Good Friday my brother's band played at The Note (Bam Margera's bar). Even though I was exhausted from a day of prepping for Easter, I had to put on my (7 inch platform) boots, leather jacket, and go hear him play! They were awesome!

THe other day I drove Scott to work. It was a particularly warm day, and we arrived 30 min early, so we hung out together outside for a little bit. I love random pockets of quality time together. (it was windy, so my hair looks a little gross.) Scott looks so handsome!

Tomorrow I will definitely be doing my 35 week update, but I wanted to share the last couple of weeks before it became completely irrelevant!

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